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【亚愽官方网站】S10入围赛:SUP 3-2战胜MAD晋级,LEC四号种子MAD遭淘汰
发布时间:2021-10-15 01:48:01

At 17:00 on September 29th, Beijing time, the League of Legends S10 finalist knockout SUP defeated MAD 3-2 and advanced to the next round. SUP will face the UOL team at 19:00 tomorrow, and the winner will advance to the group stage.

北京时间9月29日17:00,英雄联盟S10决赛入围淘汰赛SUP 3-2击败MAD,晋级到下一轮。 SUP将于明天19:00与UOL团队面对面,获胜者将晋级小组赛。

Sup: beware of margario EZ bull head

Sup:提防margario EZ公牛头

MAD: Iron Man, Wrist Hero, Syndra, Senna, Monkey


In the 4th minute, after the MAD monkey was crippled by SUPEZ, SUP Galio TP was handed over. The monkey flashed to the blue side, and the SUP man killed the monkey to get a blood.

在第4分钟,在MAD猴子被SUPEZ致残后,SUP Galio TP移交了。猴子闪到蓝色的一面,SUP男子杀死了猴子以吸血。

In the 5th minute, the MAD jungler Seti grabbed the bottom, and SUPEZ resolutely countered and cooperated with Shen's big move, 3 hits and 2 killed MAD Seti and the monkey.

在第5分钟,MAD丛林猎人Seti抢到了谷底,SUPEZ坚决反击并配合了沉大的举动,3次重击和2人杀死了MAD Seti和猴子。

In the 11th minute, MAD released the canyon vanguard and hit the tower. After Galio cleared his troops, he stepped forward to keep MAD Seti, and his teammates arrived to kill MAD Seti.

在第11分钟,MAD释放了峡谷先锋并击中了塔楼。加里奥(Galio)清除部队后,他挺身而出,保留了MAD Seti,他的队友们也杀了MAD Seti。

In the 23rd minute, the SUP bull head flashed to control three people, the horses and horses moved to follow the control, SUP perfect skill connection completed 1 for 3


In the 27th minute, the Centaur started to kill Saina, his teammates followed to kill the monkey, the SUP dragon forced the group to kill MAD Tetsuo.

在第27分钟,半人马开始杀死Saina,他的队友随后杀死了猴子,SUP龙迫使该小组杀死了MAD Tetsuo。

In the 29th minute, MAD occupied the view of Xiaolongkeng first and got the suspension water dragon.


In the 35th minute, the dragon soul group, MAD first occupied the vision of Longkeng to move the dragon, SUP hit the savages to grab the water dragon, SUP played 1 for 4, a wave of crystals was pushed down, congratulations to SUP.


The MVP of this game has given SUP assist Snowflower, who has successfully opened many times


In the 7th minute, MAD Zhongye invaded the wild area in the upper half of the red square. Both sides met. MAD Zhongyan Lu Xian first killed the SUP jungler and scored a blood. SUP arrived on the road carefully to support, and killed the MAD mid laner, and the two sides changed 1 for 1.

第7分钟,MAD Zhongye入侵了红场上半部分的荒野。双方见面。 MAD Zhongyan Lu Xian首先杀死了SUP丛林人并打了血。 SUP小心地到达马路以支援,并杀死了MAD中路选手,双方将1换为1。

In the 18th minute, MAD Lilia invaded and was hooked by the SUP auxiliary Titan, and the male gun rushed to take Lilia's head.


In the 20th minute, MAD opened a team to kill the SUP auxiliary Titan, but Saina got lost and was killed by SUP Zoe. SUP played 1 for 2.

在第20分钟,MAD成立了一个团队来杀死SUP辅助泰坦,但是Saina迷路并被SUP Zoe杀死。 SUP进行了1比2的比赛。

In the 23rd minute, after SUP killed Xina, he started to fight Dalong, but was picked up by MAD jungler Lilia.


In the 29th minute, MAD Aoun kicked the sheep first and set fire to kill the SUP auxiliary Titan. SUP was unable to fight anymore, and MAD got the Tulong suspension.

在第29分钟,MAD Aoun首先踢绵羊,放火杀死SUP辅助泰坦。 SUP无法再战斗了,MAD暂停了Tulong的比赛。

In the 31st minute, MAD Aoun drove to EZ in the red square middle road highland group, EZ was killed in the air, MAD advanced, killed SUP multiplayer, pushed off the crystal, congratulations MAD regained a city.

在第31分钟,MAD Aoun开车到红场中路高地小组中的EZ,EZ在空中被杀死,MAD前进,杀死了SUP多人游戏,推开水晶,祝贺MAD重获城市。

MVP gives Kaiser female tanks with perfect rhythm with zero deaths, 1/0/12 participation rate 92.9%


In the 7th minute, SUP Lilia caught up, MAD Seti fought for Sion in the second round, won a blood, and the two sides exchanged 1 for 1.

在第7分钟,SUP Lilia追上了马德·塞蒂(MAD Seti)在第二轮为Sion战斗,赢得了鲜血,双方以1比1交换。

In the 11th minute, MAD hit the line with Serti on the road, and SUP Nakano rushed to kill Sindra, who had mentioned MAD's follow-up support, and played 0 for 2.

在第11分钟,MAD在路上与Serti搭档,SUP Nakano冲刺杀死了提到了MAD后续支持的Sindra,并以0比2进行了比赛。

In the 15th minute, the two sides got off the 5v5 group, and the SUP Japanese girl drove to the monkey first and set fire to kill. MAD Sindra River came to be out of touch with his teammates and was killed. SUP chased out the group to destroy, 0 for 5.

在第15分钟,双方脱离了5v5小组,SUP日本女孩率先驶向猴子并放火杀死。疯狂辛德拉河(MAD Sindra River)与队友失去联系而被杀死。 SUP驱逐了该组进行销毁,0为5。

In the 20th minute, MAD Senna was killed, SUP got the Tulong suspension, and MAD resources replaced the two on the road to capture Sion.

在第20分钟,MAD Senna被杀,SUP暂停了Tulong,MAD资源取代了路上的两个以捕获Sion。

In the 26th minute, the SUP Dragon Soul Group, the MAD Monkey TP circled around and opened the group perfectly, playing 1 for 3, and MAD took the Earth Dragon.

在第26分钟时,SUP龙魂集团,MAD猴TP盘旋,完美拉开组,打1 3,和狂拍地球龙。

In the 32nd minute, SUP Lilia took control of Seti first, Aoun followed up the control, SUP outputted all the fire to kill Seti, then the monkey entered the game and was second, SUP0 changed 4, the wave ended, 2-1, congratulations SUP took To the match point.

在第32分钟,SUP Lilia首先控制了Seti,Aoun跟进了控制,SUP输出了全部火力以杀死Seti,然后猴子进入了比赛,成为第二名,SUP0改变了4,浪结束了2-1,祝贺SUP到达比赛点。

MVP gives Kakao Lilia who has the perfect rhythm to suppress the enemy jungler


MAD Aoun Male Gun Snake Girl EZ Bull Head

MAD Aoun男枪蛇女孩EZ公牛头

SUP Sion Lilia Seti VN Japanese girl

SUP Sion Lilia Seti VN日本女孩

In the 10th minute, MAD Aoun crossed the tower and broke the line, and the SUP jungler rushed to the road. KaKAO Lilia got a blood.

在第10分钟,MAD Aoun越过塔楼打破了界限,SUP丛林人冲上了马路。 KaKAO Lilia受伤了。

In the 15th minute, the wind dragon group, SUP opened up to the MAD snake girl who did not flash, Setti entered the field to accept the snake girl's head, SUP played 0 for 2, and won the second dragon.


In the 20th minute, the fire dragon group, SUP Japanese girl opened the group first, set fire to kill Niutou and Aoun, SUP played 1 for 4. SUP got the suspension dragon.


In the 27th minute, SUP Sion drove away the snake girl, MAD bull head drove to VN, EZ kept up with the output and killed VN, MAD played 0 for 3, and took advantage of the big dragon.

在第27分钟,SUP Sion驱走了蛇姑娘,MAD公牛头驶向VN,EZ跟上了产量并杀死了VN,MAD进行了0比3的比赛,并利用了大龙的优势。

In the 30th minute, the MAD team advanced to the Highland Tower on the road. VN was continuously controlled and killed. The MAD team defeated the SUP and won the game. Congratulations to MAD for winning the fourth game. The two sides drew 2-2.

在第30分钟,MAD团队前进到路上的高地塔。 VN被持续控制并被杀死。 MAD团队击败了SUP并赢得了比赛。祝贺MAD赢得了第四场比赛。双方比分是2-2。

MVP is given to the Humanoid snake girl who perfectly restricts the enemy formation


In the 5th minute, the SUP Golem hit the road to lower the blood of the crocodile, and the MAD jungler came to support the male gun. The Golem climbed the tower 1v2 to kill the male gun and took a blood.

在第5分钟,SUP Golem上路降低了鳄鱼的血液,MAD丛林人来支持雄枪。地狱魔(Golem)爬上塔楼1v2杀死男枪并抽血。

In the 14th minute, the SUP Rockman flew the plane first, and the plane was beaten to blood. SUP Seti kept up with the control and played 1 for 4, and the policewoman accepted the double play.

在第14分钟,SUP Rockman首先飞越飞机,飞机被殴打成血。 SUP Seti跟上了控制,并进行了1比4的比赛,女警接受了双重比赛。

In the 26th minute, the water dragon group and the stone man opened the group, MAD killed SUP Shangsuke, MAD had the advantage of boiling water dragon, and SUP Lilia snatched the water dragon. The policewoman hit 2 on the side 1 and killed Saina and the crocodile. Change to 4 and take advantage of the big dragon.

在第26分钟,水龙团和石人打开了队伍,MAD杀死了SUP上介,MAD借助了沸腾的水龙,SUP Lilia抢走了水龙。女警在侧面1击中2,杀死了Saina和鳄鱼。更改为4并利用大龙的优势。

In the 29th minute, the highland regiment, the SUP policewoman shot and disabled the plane. The Stoneman shot him in a spike, SUP killed MAD multiplayer, and ended the game. Congratulations to SUP for defeating MAD 3-2 and qualifying for the next round.

在第29分钟,高地团中,SUP女警开枪打死了飞机。斯托曼(Stoneman)向他开枪,SUP杀死了MAD多人游戏,并结束了游戏。祝贺SUP击败MAD 3-2并晋级下一轮。

MVP is given to Zeitnot policewoman who has perfectly developed team battle and unsolvable output


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