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亚愽官方网站|高尔夫历史上第一次? 一名业余选手第二度打出58
发布时间:2021-10-15 01:48:01

   Beijing time on November 1, Torey Edwards (Torey Edwards) did the unimaginable in golf. When the 38-year-old Southern California player tried to make the Pro Tour in 2008, he shot 58, which is 14 under par. This Thursday, 12 years later, he shot another 58 at the Par 70 Annandale Golf Club in the Southern California Golf Association Zero Handicap League event.

北京时间11月1日,托里·爱德华兹(Torey Edwards)在高尔夫界做了不可想象的事情。 38岁的南加州球员在2008年尝试进行职业巡回赛时,他的投篮命中率是58杆,低于标准杆14杆。 12年后的这个星期四,他在南加州高尔夫协会零障碍联盟赛事的70杆安南代尔高尔夫俱乐部再次击出58杆。

   Any time is not easy, but this time may be more difficult. When he had 3 holes left in a round, his score was 9 under par. With two birdies, he can break 60 shots, and with 3 birdies, he can hit 58. You know that 58 strokes are the lowest in a professional league.


   It is very unfortunate for Torri Edwards, and none of his good partners are peaceful people. There are timely scores in this match, which can be viewed by golfers via mobile phones. When other groups saw Torrey Edwards's scorecard continue to glow, they kept sending him short messages. And the same group of players and good friend Steve Mena (Steve Mena) said to him: "Will you shoot 59?"

对于托里·爱德华兹亚愽官方网站(Torri Edwards)来说,这是非常不幸的,他的好伙伴都不是和平的人。这场比赛有及时的比分,高尔夫球手可以通过手机查看。当其他小组看到Torrey Edwards的计分卡继续发光时,他们不断向他发送短消息。同一群球员和好朋友史蒂夫·梅纳(Steve Mena)对他说:“你会射击59吗?”

   "I'm used to this kind of slobber," Torrey Edwards joked that he had become accustomed to other people's ridicule when he gambled with former PGA TOUR player John Mallinger at the Virginia Country Club in Long Beach. "I started to think about this seriously on the 16th tee. I don't know how many red letters I have hit, but it won't stop me... You often sabotage yourself. I played a good ball and thought to myself: 'Don't be disturbed by things that are too strange.'"

“我已经习惯了这种口水,”托里·爱德华兹开玩笑说,他在长滩弗吉尼亚乡村俱乐部与前美巡赛球员约翰·马林格一起赌博时,已经习惯了别人的嘲笑。 “我在16号发球台开始认真考虑亚愽官方网站这个问题。我不知道我打了多少个红色字母,但是这并不会阻止我……你经常破坏自己。我打了亚愽官方网站个好球,自言自语:'别被太奇怪的事情打扰。”

   Of course, the final result is fantastic. After parsing on the 16th hole, Torrey Edwards birdied the 17th hole and hit 10 under par. When many contestants and club members stood behind the 18th green, he hit the par-5 green with two strokes. Torrey Edwards felt that if he pushed into a 20-foot eagle putt, he would be able to make a 59. As a result, when he pushed the ball into the hole, the onlookers cheered. At that time, he realized that he might be wrong.

当然,最终结果是惊人的。在第16洞进行解析后,托里·爱德华兹(Torrey Edwards)在第17洞抓到小鸟,并以低于标准杆的成绩击中10。当许多选手和俱乐部成员站在第18洞果岭后面时,他用两杆击中了标准杆5洞果岭。托里·爱德华兹(Torrey Edwards)认为,如果他将球推入20英尺大的鹰推杆中,他将能够打出59杆。结果,当他将球推入洞中时,围观者为之欢呼。那时,他意识到自己可能是错的。

   "That's a 58 shot, good fellow!" Steve Mina shouted at him.


   This is not only Torrey Edwards’ second 58 stroke in his career, he also broke the men’s court record with a three-shot advantage.

这不仅是托里·爱德华兹(Torrey Edwards)在职业生涯中的第二个58杆,而且他还以三杆优势打破了男子球场的纪录。

"Do it again..." Torrey Edwards interrupted during an interview on the phone, trying to find better words, "I was shocked, and other people couldn't believe it was true. I was able to hit 59. The shot is very cool, but can you hit the same number of shots, 58? That's the gold standard."


  In the history of professional golf, there have only been three 58 shots in high-level tournaments, all of which were done on a 70-shot course. In 2016, Jim Furyk played on the PGA Tour. In 2016, Stephan Jaeger played in the Korn Ferry International Tour. Ishikawa Liao played on the Japanese Tour in 2010.

在职业高尔夫的历史上,高水平比赛只有3杆58杆,而所有这些都是在70杆的球场上进行的。 2016年,吉姆·弗瑞克(Jim Furyk)参加了美巡赛。 2016年,Stephan Jaeger参加了Korn Ferry国际巡回演唱会。石川辽参加了2010年的日本巡回赛。

   It is definitely worth looking back at Torrey Edwards' performance on this 6612-yard stadium. He caught 4 birdies in the first five holes, then cooled down, saved 4 pars, and shot 30 in the first nine holes. In the last nine holes, his hole-by-hole performance is: bird-par-bird-bird-bird-bird-par-bird-eagle. Torrey Edwards said that he only put in another long putt, a 30-foot par putter. For the rest, his putts are within 15 feet.

绝对值得回顾托里·爱德华兹(Torrey Edwards)在这个6612码的体育场上的表现。他在前五个洞抓了4个小鸟,然后降温,保存了4个标准杆,在前9个洞打了30球。在过去的九洞中,他的逐洞表现是:鸟杆-鸟-鸟-鸟-亚愽官方网站鸟-鸟-杆-鸟-鹰。托里·爱德华兹(Torrey Edwards)表示,他只放入了一个30英尺长的标准推杆。其余的,他的推杆都在15英尺内。

   "You have to push well, that's the key," Tory Edwards said.




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